Victoria, BC, Canada, September 28, 2012:  Today Quester Tangent announced a contract to deliver their fleet diagnostics system and related communication technology to Toshiba for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) 7000 Series Rails Cars.

Quester Tangent (QT) is an important link in the supply chain for the 7000 series Rails Cars to be manufactured by Kawasaki.  “Once again we have demonstrated that we are a key player in the North American transit industry.  We are fostering a new partnership with Toshiba and Kawasaki; and we will work closely with WMATA as we support our fleet diagnostics system technology for the next 20 plus years,” stated Stephen McKay, Quester Tangent’s President & CEO.  QT now supplies all of the four major transit manufacturers and its products are installed in most North American transit fleets.

Quester’s fleet diagnostics system will transfer data to the wayside database via a Wi-Fi network.  The data are strategically sorted through a suite of analysis tools, designed by Quester Tangent.  Both fleet operations and vehicle maintenance will utilize this information to improve efficiencies and to maximize revenue service.  Rick Pearson, Senior Systems Architect at Quester Tangent explained, “We are providing a complete fleet diagnostic system for Washington Transit’s 7000 Series Railcars.”  QT is also delivering this product as part of a larger train management system for the Port Authority Transit Corporation (PATCO), which services the Philadelphia – New Jersey Transit Corridor.  “One of the unique aspects of this system is the innovative interactive browser based interface we have developed.  It allows easy access, for both maintenance and operation personnel, to the on-train data,” added Pearson.

Production of the on-train equipment is scheduled to begin in the Fall of 2013 with first deliveries of the 190 fleet diagnostics system car set planned for the first quarter of 2014.

Located in the Pacific Northwest of North America near Victoria, B.C. Quester Tangent, an ISO 9001-2008 company, designs, develops and manufactures leading edge vehicle monitoring hardware and software for the global rail transit industry