qt_commitmentQuester Tangent is an electronics manufacturing firm that has served the international market place for almost 30 years. We are located in the Pacific Northwest of North America and have provided products and services in more than 40 countries world-wide. Each and everyone of us are committed to excellence.

  • Our senior engineers have been with the company for more than 15 years.
  • Our electronic and software solutions are designed for both long life and excel in harsh operating environments.
  • Our manufacturing process supports more than 10 concurrent product streams adhering to the highest standards in our production facility.

Our Commitment

qt_suppliers_2Strong Collaborative Relationships. We understand the importance of collaborative relationships with our suppliers and customers.

Quality Delivered On-Time.We are driven by on-time performance to reduce commercial risks associated with delivery delays and inferior product quality.

20+ Years Product Support. Quester has delivered this promise by supporting all transit product offerings since our initial deliveries. To achieve this level of support we:

  • Retain intellectual property rights to critical technologies
  • Central and highly controlled access to our bills of materials via our MRP system.
  • Active monitoring and, when necessary, stocking of end-of-life components

Excellence in Service

qt_support Quester’s dedicated customer service team is available at all times supporting both warranty and non-warranty work.

A twenty-four hour warranty turn-around commitment is supported using product consigned to your facility or through return-to-factory arrangements.

Our dedicated customer service team is supported by a full suite of test equipment and is available at any time to ensure no loss of revenue service. Contacting our customer service team is easy via our USA/CANADA toll free line 1.855.510.7837 or via email customerservice@questertangent.com.