Who we are

Quester Tangent is a Canadian company that has served international markets for more than 30 years with an innovative range of products and services. Our first market was acoustic seabed classification, involving capture and analysis of raw seabed data on international coast guard and navy vessels.

We eventually parlayed this expertise into train management systems in the early 1990s. We are now a leading manufacturer, supplier, and integrator of train electronics and software solutions for the passenger rail and locomotive industries in North America.

What we do

We offer flexible, modular, scalable electronic products to rail vehicle manufacturers and transit authorities that enable the efficient movement of people and goods. Each onboard and wayside product we design, manufacture, and support helps our customers increase operational efficiency, improve fleet availability, optimize on-time performance, and enhance passenger safety and comfort.

We have successfully delivered a broad spectrum of projects on time and on budget in North America, Korea, China, and Malaysia.

How we do it

Quester Tangent is a trusted partner of the world’s major train manufacturers and transit authorities. We have a history of successful innovation closely aligned with the growing needs of our customers and the industry.

Our products are reliable, adaptable, responsive, and efficient within stringent rail industry requirements and have the unique benefits of current consumer technology and a modern look and feel.

What we promise

Quester Tangent strives to provide customers with lasting peace of mind by delivering products and services founded upon three promises:

Total TrainLife Care

We stand behind our products for the train’s service lifecycle. Our Total TrainLife Care commitment maximizes the useful life of our products, supports fleet readiness, reduces the total cost of ownership, and meets rail industry longevity needs.

This translates into:

  • 20-year service guarantee. We promise 20 years of service continuity for our products.
  • Proactive approach to obsolescence management. We provide our customers with annual End-Of-Life (EOL) reports to proactively identify and resolve issues with our in-service products.
  • Midlife renewal support. We deliver products that adapt to the form, fit, and function needs of overhaul and retrofit projects.

Flexible solutions

As your one-stop shop for train electronics, Quester Tangent is an expert at solving business problems from early bid support to fleet compatibility and system integration. Today, our products are known for their superior reliability that draws on our service-proven designs and new technology integration. Our onboard and wayside turnkey solutions integrate in-depth engineering expertise, manufacturing capacity, and revenue-service track record.

Operational excellence

We have more than 20 years of successful experience in designing modular engineered solutions, building flexible products, delivering fully customized train communication network solutions, creating detailed project documentation, and managing a broad spectrum of rail projects on time and on budget. Our state-of-the-art facilities and coordinated processes allow our engineering, manufacturing, and project management teams to deliver efficiently while adhering to the highest standards.