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TrainWise® products are a continuum ranging from simple sensors to powerful servers. Train architectures are as diverse as the authorities running them. Quester Tangent meets the demands of modern specifications by intelligently combining products into packaged solutions. To help navigate our product offerings, we categorize our products by function. Product classes include servers, controllers, peripherals, and sensors.


Servers are central processing units installed on trains to perform multiple services. They have the highest level of capability and can run different applications simultaneously to manage train subsystem network communications, control and diagnostics, and databases. Train Control and Monitoring Systems and Train Passenger Information are built around servers facilitating centralized management of all train subsystems.


Controllers are electronic subsystems dedicated to a specific service, such as Event Recorder, I/O Controller, or Public Address Amplifier. Controllers interface to the real world through electrical I/O and sensors to obtain train status and drive the operation of connected equipment. They also communicate with each other and central servers through onboard networks.


Peripherals are support devices that provide a flexible product configuration to deliver a cost-effective project within rigorous requirements. These peripherals often include off-the-shelf or specialty items that are integrated into a Quester Tangent solution.


The data storage peripheral for the Event Recorder is the MM01 Crash Hardened Memory Module. This module encloses a USB mass storage device inside a crash hardened case that meets both IEEE and FRA requirements.


Quester Tangent supplies and integrates audiovisual components for train communication systems for both crew and passengers: operator handsets, microphones, speakers, train radios, and video cameras.


Internal announcement signs, route maps, and external destination signs are seamlessly integrated into rail passenger information systems and are designed for flexibility to meet broad new vehicle and retrofit applications.


The I/O Expander is an agile way to increase I/O counts. This peripheral can be configured for use with digital or analog data from various sources.

Networks require technologies to make connections, direct traffic, and translate data. Quester Tangent delivers a wide range of these devices, including:

Ethernet switches

  • Managed and unmanaged vehicle switches
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)
  • Ethernet train backbone nodes

Networks supported by gateways and adapters

  • TCN, WTB, and MVB
  • CAN
  • LonWorks
  • Serial
  • USB

We provide wireless Wi-Fi and cellular modems to enable communication with the wayside.


We support global positioning systems by providing radios, antennas, and supporting software for geolocation, time-stamping, and position-based triggering of events:

  • Standard GPS
  • DGPS
  • WAAS

Quester Tangent supplies ancillary systems as required to meet obligations of a full technology package:

  • Car ID modules
  • Network testers
  • Protocol analyzers


Sensors are attached to controllers or peripherals to monitor and capture data. Quester Tangent typically purchases sensors and integrates them to create a compliant system. Sensors that are commonly integrated include:

o Tachometers
o Battery monitors
o Current sensors
o Temperature sensors

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