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Communication is key

Trains are all about moving people. For trains to do that effectively, passengers need to feel safe and comfortable. As the population grows, meeting expectations for a wide rider demographic is a significant challenge.

Many existing train passenger information systems (PIS) are outdated and poorly integrated with other vehicle systems. Additionally, weak PIS performance diminishes the ability of travelers and operators to communicate. It can even deter customers from choosing rail as a transit option.

To create a safe, comfortable onboard environment that increases ridership, transit authorities need a tailored, efficient system with high audiovisual quality.

At Quester Tangent, we have the expertise to deliver a complete suite of on-train passenger information products that address the evolving needs of travelers.

Responding to evolving rider expectations

Whether it is a new build or a modernization project, our TrainWise® train passenger information system is an all-in-one solution that includes servers, automated signage, crew and passenger intercoms. This flexible suite enhances rider comfort and peace of mind, while empowering operators to communicate effectively with commuters and crew.

TrainWise PIS works easily with other TrainWise systems, as well as third-party onboard systems. Coupled with Quester Tangent’s system integration and project management expertise, this robust system provides powerful tools to respond to customer needs—now and in the future.

Operational benefits

A dynamic solution for everyday needs

Real-time route maps, public address equipment for live and pre-recorded audio announcements, and automatic destination signs—our TrainWise passenger information system keeps travelers informed and helps them plan their trips. Features include excellent sound quality through advanced audio-signal processing, active volume adjustment to surrounding noise levels, and bright, readable displays that automatically adjust to ambient light conditions for excellent visibility—and all with minimal operational and maintenance effort.

Increased security

Train operators and crew analyze and respond to incidents faster when they can monitor passenger traffic and activity from a cab display. With a TrainWise Mobile Gateway and FleetWise® system, wayside staff can view live feeds or automatically downloaded videos to provide analysis and support to operators. Emergency intercoms and a public address system enhance customer comfort and security.

Maximum flexibility and performance

Our passenger information system is available as a stand-alone package or fully integrated with other TrainWise or third-party products. Configurable, on-train servers keep passenger information and security operations running smoothly in the background, while simultaneously allowing train operators to view video or initiate audio communication at will.

Long-term benefits

Digital architecture built for the future

Give commuters the same Wi-Fi and multimedia experience on the train as they have at home. Built on modern Ethernet technology, the TrainWise Passenger Information System generates high-quality digital audio and video and enables a rich multimedia user experience. The innovative daisy-chain network topology fosters easy, flexible installations. For operators, this means reduced initial vehicle budget, easier maintenance, and happier passengers.

Valuable data at your fingertips

Get a better overall picture of train incidents. Access recorded video to review passenger activity and correlate it with system events. Integration with an optional Event Recorder and Hardened Memory Module allows operators to secure valuable information in the event of an incident, supporting a swift response to operational issues and emergency situations.

Built-in investment protection

All TrainWise Passenger Information System equipment is backed by our Total TrainLife Care commitment to support our products throughout the service lifecycle of your vehicle. It is a comprehensive approach that supports proactive maintenance and optimizes on-time performance.

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