FleetWise Solution

Clearing roadblocks to data

Data inaccessibility in on-train equipment is a common maintenance and operations issue. Collecting this information is expensive, labor intensive, and error prone. Many authorities lack an easily accessed, unified view of the maintenance status and operational readiness of their whole fleet—even when the data is stored on individual cars. It is a significant roadblock to achieving maximum fleet uptime and availability—especially in these times of aging rail infrastructure and vehicle fleets and growing demand for more efficient transit.

Centralizing and automating data collection and storage for the entire fleet, car by car, is critical for addressing the challenges fleet operators face.

Quester Tangent has developed an innovative data management system to address these challenges—and more.

Next-level data management

FleetWise® Wayside Monitoring and Diagnostics System (WMDS) enables remote collection and analysis of operational and maintenance data. It offers real-time fleet readiness information, in-depth diagnostic tools, and enhanced software management of vehicle systems to help transit authorities keep their fleets running more smoothly and efficiently.

With FleetWise, maintenance crew and engineers have ultimate control of vehicle equipment configuration. They also have access to a centralized database and intuitive user interface that turn data into business decisions and help reduce the total cost of ownership. And, the secure, reliable technology works with any type of data or fleet and integrates with new or existing wayside communications and IT infrastructure.

Coupled with Quester Tangent’s system integration and project management expertise, as well as TrainWise® products, this flexible rail fleet management solution enhances fleet readiness, encourages proactive maintenance, and helps fleet operators move to the next level of maintenance and software management.

Operational benefits

Secure communication

Powerful two-way communication means FleetWise can talk to a car, train, or the entire fleet. When used with Quester Tangent’s Mobile Gateway, the highest level of data security is ensured between on-train systems and the operations center. See what the driver sees during revenue service and make the right decision about a car that has faults. Diagnose complex problems, schedule logs, and store video downloads through a secure remote connection without having to be present on the train.

Real-time fleet readiness

Get a complete picture of your entire operation, from the number of trains at each location and their software configuration status, down to the latest faults reported by equipment on a single car. Check fleet readiness, Wi-Fi connection, and equipment status at a glance, and retrieve detailed diagnostic data with a click of the mouse. Stream live video from a car’s security camera—either on demand or upon activation of a passenger emergency intercom—and help resolve on-train incidents from the operations center.

Expedited train maintenance

Create prioritized alerts to identify important maintenance events for scheduling before they affect revenue service availability. Take advantage of user-defined data snapshots that capture vehicle status at a specific time or from a trigger event. Enable quick visual analysis for fast resolution of complex intermittent faults.

Long-term benefits

Enhanced software management

Multiple subsystems, each with their own set of software and configuration files, make version control bewildering. Vehicles without the proper software configuration act subtly different than the rest of the fleet (braking, cooling, erroneous diagnostic data, etc.). Manage the complexity by specifying a standard configuration for each car type and query other cars to ensure uniformity across your entire fleet. Color-coded status indicators help you quickly find and fix software-version issues.

Rich data analysis

FleetWise contains potent database features that allow your engineers to optimize future performance of your fleet. Study historical data to discover trends and analyze root causes. Create reports, share information with other teams, and interface with existing software systems to save time and make better business decisions. With FleetWise, it is easy to collect, share, and analyze information for exceptional fleet efficiency.

Enterprise connector

FleetWise runs within existing IT infrastructure and facilitates managing the communications network, fleet data, and vehicle systems for the entire fleet. The applications are modular and can be designed to support established workflows and existing systems to provide valuable new features. Our modular approach means high levels of security, customization, and functionality.

FleetWise Features

Connection with your fleet

FleetWise provides complete, secure remote access to all onboard data, including the Event Recorder. It automatically connects with vehicles over Wi-Fi or cellular to receive real-time updates of health status and location. Information for each car is stored in the database, making it available even when vehicles are not connected.

Connection with your fleet

Centralized database

All fleet data is stored and managed through the FleetWise database. A secure web-based interface provides wireless access to data from mobile devices, laptops, and PC workstations. Data from all onboard subsystems is combined in a single searchable resource, enabling teams to access the same screens or reports, which leads to better decisions. User functions are flexible and secure based on assigned access levels. Attributes, such as status and severity, allow data to be sorted quickly by relevance. Redundant servers can be deployed with fail-over in case of emergency. Schedule and perform database backups and archives easily.


Trends and root-cause analysis

FleetWise provides three tools to allow engineers to analyze data and discover trends on the fleet:


Operations overview

FleetWise overview gives operations personnel a high-level view of fleet status at any moment, including train and car location, those that are communicating to the wayside, and those that have accurate software configuration.


Software management

FleetWise provides central management of on-train systems, including:


Video surveillance

FleetWise integrates with on-train CCTV systems for secure access to live and recorded video. Video downloads are coordinated with other transfers to maximize bandwidth. Video selection can be filtered by time, car, and camera. Live video screens give immediate visibility into onboard activity and can be triggered by Passenger Emergency Intercom activation.


Optimized network utilization

FleetWise, coupled with TrainWise Mobile Gateway, can be used to schedule and prioritize individual or recurring jobs or trigger a job based on events. Scheduled jobs start automatically when communication with the train is established. Operations are prioritized to maximize time and bandwidth. Scheduled jobs can be cancelled, paused, restarted, and repeated.


System highlights

Server operating system and database software

Typical server infrastructure

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Archive hard drives

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