System integration

Your trusted network system integrator

In most projects, we are Network System Integrators—we organize the development, testing, and management of network interfaces for all train equipment.

Our system integration activities include:

Network design and interface definition. Applying standard or proprietary protocols, documenting the protocols, distributing to subsystem suppliers, and guiding subsystem suppliers in understanding the interface design through templates, fill-in forms, reviews, and design meetings.

Simulator development. Creating simulators, either for Quester Tangent or third-party systems, to aid interface development and testing.

Supplier review. Reviewing test procedures and reports and verifying requirements tracing to ensure completeness and correctness.

Subsystem interface testing. Performing one-on-one tests with all subsystem suppliers prior to prototype vehicle-system integration, using actual or simulated equipment for third-party systems.

System integration testing. Providing integration test support for the fully networked system, as well as in prototype and production vehicles in the deployment environment (on-train), with optional lab simulation for all vehicle subsystems.

Testing support. Offering on-site support during system integration and providing remote, secure VPN-network access for software updates and troubleshooting to reduce test time and travel costs.

Understanding older fleets

For vehicle retrofits and overhauls, integrating to pre-existing equipment and older third-party devices presents many reverse-engineering challenges. When vehicle systems are changed over time, poor documentation can lead to extra costs and delayed schedules. Quester Tangent has experience in quickly gaining an in-depth understanding of the vehicle networks to support new system integration.