Smart wayside solution

Discover our innovative, cost-effective data-management system.

Communication networks

Learn about our complete on-train and train-to-wayside communication solutions.

Passenger information system

Discover our Passenger Information System (PIS) using the latest digital and analog technology.

Monitoring and control solution

A flexible Train Control and Monitoring System (TCMS) solution for vehicle-based subsystems.

Intelligent solutions for the rail industry

Get introduced to Quester Tangent, our solutions and services and what value we can bring to your business.

Crew Intercom

Give the train operator complete control of all communications through a single, integrated unit.

Passenger Intercom

Connect passengers to the train operator with optimized sound quality.

Vehicle Control Unit

Robust product for control, real-time data monitoring and logging of train electrical signals.

Control and Monitoring Server

Robust server provides seamless management of train electrical systems.

PIS Server

Powerful server provides reliable and centralized control for our Train Passenger Information System.

Public Address Amplifier

A high fidelity amplifier to drive multiple speaker arrays.

Vehicle Switch

Create a digital train backbone network over existing trainline to allow the exchange of data between train cars.

Crew Display

Bright touchscreen interface for powerful user control and superior data presentation.

Event Recorder

Collects critical information about train systems, driver activities, and vehicle performance.

Mobile Gateway

Provides secure, stable, optimized communication between train and wayside.

Train test equipment

Complete maintenance support for the full suite of Quester Tangent on-train products.

The Internet of Trains: A Layman s Guide

Smart data management with the Internet of Trains.