An integrated MDS with multiple network functionality and train-to-wayside communication, followed by a seamless expansion.


A monitoring system, delivered for a retrofit that enhances operational efficiency and supports superior train-to-wayside communication.

MBTA 2009

A TMS for bi-level coaches, showcasing a complete train composition overview and real-time operational status over existing trainlines.

MBTA 2011

TMS and PIS solutions expertly interface old coaches with new locomotives for better fleet compatibility and functionality.

MBTA 2013

Flexible, custom TMS equipment demonstrating solid interoperability across various fleet vehicles and providing reduced risks and costs.


A comprehensive on-train and WMDS with seamless network integration for improved operations, maintenance, and secure wayside communications.

Rapid KL

Flexible monitoring products and a long-term support commitment ensuring low operating and maintenance costs and enhanced fleet readiness.