New Jersey Transit

Quester Tangent developed an integrated, cost-effective Monitoring and Diagnostic System with multiple network functionality and train-to-wayside communications for new Bombardier MultiLevel Coaches. Seven years later, expansion was seamless when 100 new cars were added.

Project overview

Project name: Multi-level commuter passenger cars

Client: Bombardier Transportation

Type of project: New

Vehicle application: Commuter rail

Number of vehicles: 429

No. of QT units sold:

  • 429 Monitoring and Control Units (MCU)
  • 491 Display Units (DU)
  • 1 Bench Test Equipment (BTE)

Contract awarded: 2003 and 2010

In-service date: 2006 and 2012


  • Train Control and Monitoring System
  • Networks Solution

Location: New Jersey, USA

Exceeded reliability and expansion requirements

In 2003, Quester Tangent was contracted to provide an integrated, cost-effective Monitoring and Diagnostic System (MDS) with multiple network functionality and train-to-wayside communications for a new fleet of Bombardier MultiLevel Coaches supplied to New Jersey Transit (NJT).

The new equipment, a central Monitoring and Control Unit (MCU) and Operator and Maintenance UIC557 push-button Display Units (DU), had to be extremely reliable and integrate with NJT’s Comet V vehicles and ALP46 locomotives that use Train Communication Network (TCN) technology, for which there was little expertise in North America.

Quester Tangent delivered a hardware platform with a LonWorks vehicle network for data transfer between intelligent subsystems within a vehicle, an IEC-61375-compliant Train Communication Network/Wire Train Bus for data transfer between cars, and the TCN-Ethernet-Lonworks gateway to connect these networks.

The new system also provided a unified platform for wayside communications through the Train Wayside Controller Module (TWCM) with Wi-Fi, GPS, and cellular network capabilities.

In addition to network interfaces, the system provided the hardware interfaces for data acquisition, event recorder and maintenance-information processing and logging, fault-trainline control, ground-fault detection, battery monitoring, and driver and maintenance displays. Accompanying Bench Test Equipment gave NJT complete on-site maintenance support for the new equipment.

Quester Tangent’s engineering expertise provided Bombardier Transportation with innovative, reliable solutions to their networking, monitoring, and diagnostics requirements. In 2010, Quester Tangent provided new equipment to 100 additional cars, offering form, fit, and function backward compatibility with Quester Tangent’s original equipment. Today, our equipment continues to operate at a reliability rate that is five times higher than the requirement stated in the original project, offering NJT value for money and reduced maintenance costs.

Between 2008 and 2012, Quester Tangent secured new contracts with Agence Métropolitaine de Transport (AMT) and Maryland Area Regional Commuter (MARC) for equipment deployed within the same Bombardier MultiLevel Coach platform. These contracts amounted to an order of 214 Monitoring and Control Units and 255 UIC557 push-button Display Units, in addition to the 429 Monitoring and Control Units and 491 Display Units ordered by NJT.

Thanks to its long-term support commitment, Quester Tangent was able to cost-effectively update the original products with microprocessor replacements and product revisions for these new orders.