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A new world of challenges

Aging rail infrastructure and vehicle fleets. A growing demand for safer, more efficient passenger rail transit. Today’s fleet operators face significant challenges.

Component failures and a lack of interoperability plague many fleets, causing unwanted downtime, reduced efficiency, and compromised reliability. The corresponding lack of long-term support significantly affects revenue service.

And all of these ongoing pressures must be balanced with economic realities.

A centralized, onboard system that monitors, controls, and diagnoses vehicle-system problems is vital for addressing the challenges of rail manufacturers and transit authorities.

At Quester Tangent, we are rising to the challenges of a changing industry.

Flexible solutions for complex needs

TrainWise Train Control and Monitoring System (TCMS) is a simple, centralized system of servers, operator displays, controllers, and event recorders. All system components are designed with reliable, modular technology that integrates with new or existing train equipment for maximum efficiency and flexibility.

Our TrainWise train control and monitoring system is a smart solution that increases fleet interoperability, expedites maintenance, and, ultimately, enhances revenue service.

Coupled with Quester Tangent’s system integration and project management expertise, this flexible, scalable architecture reduces procurement risk and provides powerful tools for addressing today’s challenges—and tomorrow’s.

Operational benefits

Increased flexibility and functionality

Our modular approach allows you to purchase products individually or as a fully integrated suite. You can use Quester Tangent applications, or have your own engineers develop software for our powerful touchscreen display. TrainWise control and monitoring components can be configured in myriad ways to provide a complete, integrated solution matched to your needs.

Easy access to real-time and archived information

Improve operational efficiency by customizing how your train data is collected, reported, stored, and accessed. Display data in formats and views that are relevant to personnel roles and workflows. Keep operators and maintainers up to date on train status and fault conditions, and alert staff about important events.

Global view of operational data

Intuitive, color-coded screens allow your train operators to see the status of every vehicle subsystem on the train—from cabin temperature and door status, to brake pressure and propulsion faults. This global view supports a swift response to operational issues, which means less idle time, fewer delays, and happier passengers.

Long-term benefits

Improved maintenance

Enable rapid onboard troubleshooting. Give maintainers access to detailed diagnostic information through cab displays and our optional TestWise® test equipment. Create custom, automatic alerts that provide advance warning about potential problems. This powerful array of tools promotes a proactive approach to maintenance and increases fleet availability.

Future-proof your operations

With your next expansion in mind, Quester Tangent deploys processors and electronic components intelligently—at the correct time in their lifecycle. We are thinking ahead so you can add functionality, minimize obsolescence, and extend the service life of your fleet.

Built-in investment protection

All TrainWise Control and Monitoring System equipment is backed by our Total TrainLife Care commitment to support our products throughout the service lifecycle of your vehicle. It is a comprehensive approach that supports proactive maintenance and optimizes on-time performance.

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