Project management

Solid project management

An experienced project manager leads each project and is the project’s main point of contact. The project management team is capable of managing more than 15 projects concurrently. Project managers are involved at the project’s bid stage, so there is a seamless transition from bid to contract award through to implementation and final deliveries. The project management team works closely with all Quester Tangent departments to ensure successful delivery of both the letter and spirit of the project.

Control in all phases

Quester Tangent employs a tailored stage-gate process that identifies key milestones through the life of a project, ensuring nothing is overlooked. Each gate defines a minimum suite of internal and external deliverables that must be met before proceeding to the next stage. We often go beyond typical contractual-delivery requirements to ensure consistent design, development, and delivery of the high-quality products for which we are known.

Each of the three main project phases incorporates stage gates:


Our internal audit is a key element in each stage. Trained auditors evaluate each project using structured templates to test and report adherence to the stage-gate process. The audit identifies any missed activities and areas for improvement in project execution.

Project success is everybody’s responsibility

From assemblers to senior managers, everyone at Quester Tangent is responsible for a project’s success. Project management reports on the health and progress of every project at regular monthly meetings with senior management. Internal risk and issue tracking provides a structured escalation process if problems are encountered. Each gate in the stage-gate process contains clearly defined project requirements, which are reviewed by management before approval to begin work on the next stage.


Quester Tangent project management plays a key role in aligning the expectations and requirements of internal and external stakeholders. Our strong collaborative approach extends not only to our clients, but also to key vendors, sub-contractors, and regulatory authorities.

Our project management team is in a unique position to have insight into all aspects of a project. This facilitates the alignment of the internal requirements of engineering, production, procurement, and customer care.

Quester Tangent’s approach of fostering strong positive relationships with project partners has contributed to a proven track record of project success.