Engineering excellence

Our engineering team is founded on excellence. Each employee is integrated into the team through a strong training and mentorship program. Quester Tangent engineers are well versed in standards for North America and beyond, including IEEE 1558, IEC 60571, and EN 50121/50122/50126/50128/50129/50155. Our senior engineers have extensive experience in train electronics and provide our clients with the expertise to meet the challenges of high-profile projects.

Project delivery engineered for success

Internal and external project requirements are managed using a stage-gate process that draws a clear road map from conception to launch. Seamless traceability from technical specification to test reporting ensures the end product meets client expectations. We identify and manage risks early on and follow established management and control processes so projects are completed on time and on budget.

Full-service engineering

Our electrical, mechanical, software, and system engineering services use modern engineering techniques and comply with rail industry standards. Integrated design and test strategy is supported by our own labs, including full EMI/EMC, train wiring simulators, and train network simulators. Our extensive experience in network and train systems integration gives us a big-picture view that helps optimize products to work seamlessly with vehicle subsystems.

Backed by expert project management and a scrupulous quality assurance program, our engineering processes produce train electronics that meet or exceed the highest standards.


Innovating for the future

Quester Tangent’s advanced engineering group carries out design feasibility studies, obsolescence management, on-train experimentation, and special projects. Guided by a technology road map with a vision of inventive, cost-effective solutions for train electronics and software, Quester Tangent is innovating for the future.

Design for Environment

We follow Design for Environment practices to minimize the health and environmental impact of our products. Maximizing the useful life of our products is our greatest success in designing for the environment. By accurately forecasting component obsolescence, we take a proactive approach to lifecycle planning, resulting in products with characteristic longevity.

Built on experience

After many years of engineering train electronics solutions, we have developed a range of proven reference designs that provide a solid foundation for any new project. The use of reference designs reduces the risk of schedule delay and improves the overall solution because engineers can focus on performance optimization. A high degree of circuitry reuse also reduces the time needed to create and test a buildable design. Readily available design documents and drawings give our customers early, unsurpassed visibility into our products.

The use of a rigorous, consistent engineering process has evolved from years of experience with complex, multi-subsystem rail projects. Our attention to detail, supported by strong internal qualification and test metrics, yields the highest standard of quality and reliability.