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The Quester Tangent Total TrainLife Care commitment is fundamental to our care. It is our commitment to provide long-term support for all our products through our innovative End-of-Life management program. With this initiative, we monitor electronic components for end-of-life concerns, evaluate their potential impact, and work proactively with our customers to develop an action plan that aligns with budget cycles and long-term planning.

Our Total TrainLife Care commitment is just one of the many ways we support our customers.

Quester Tangent’s dedicated customer care team supports your contractual warranty and non-warranty work. We provide diagnosis, repair, and/or replacement of all our products. We also offer our customers training courses on the operation and maintenance of our products.

Prompt repairs

In and out of warranty, our products have a return rate of less than 1.5%. That’s something we are proud of because it is a testament to the high quality and reliability of our products. When a product does need replacement, we support a 48-hour warranty turn-around commitment. This is achieved either through a return-to-factory arrangement or through product consigned to your facility.

Quester Tangent is committed to:

  • Return Material Authorization (RMA) for repairing or replacing in-warranty units within 15 business days of receipt
  • Diagnosing out-of-warranty products via an RMA process within 15 business days of receipt, and providing you with all available options for the repair or replacement of the unit

Our customer service team has extensive experience in the field. Our team can address product and system issues on-site in a timely manner to maintain your fleet readiness. To further ensure there is no loss of revenue service, our dedicated customer care team is supported by Quester Tangent TestWise test equipment.



Quester Tangent provides a full suite of courses so fleet personnel can be fully certified on our equipment, including on-train equipment, test equipment, and equipment software updates. Training is tailored to your needs, with informal, on-train demonstrations, custom training aids, or complete training programs.

QT Training Aids

A complete training program includes:

  • Detailed training plan
  • Slide presentation
  • Instructor and student guides
  • Manuals and supporting technical publications
  • Classroom or on-train hands-on activities
  • Written test with participant score reporting

Optional production versions of the TrainWise® and TestWise® products, vehicle interface simulators, and custom test jigs can also be provided for hands-on demonstration.

Customer Care offers training at your facility, in the field, and on-site at Quester Tangent’s offices.

Customer Care Centre:

Quester Tangent’s Customer Care Centre provides technical, maintenance and warranty support.

Phone number: 1-250-656-6677