Current suppliers

Our suppliers support Quester Tangent’s engineering and manufacturing divisions. They are motivated to deliver outstanding performance in their field, while we are focused on designing and manufacturing adaptive, responsive, and innovative rail electronics solutions to meet your needs and expectations in an ever-changing industry.

We collaborate with suppliers who share our commitment to quality, on-time delivery, and exceptional customer service. We set our bar high and aim to exceed customer expectations and enhance the value of our solutions and services in every project.

Potential suppliers

Want to become a Quester Tangent supplier? We are always seeking new opportunities to enhance our supply chain. New suppliers are assessed on past performance, financial stability, technical support, capacity, and competitiveness, among other traits. As a first step, new suppliers need to complete a quality-assurance questionnaire, sometimes followed by an on-site supplier-assessment audit. All of our approved suppliers must conform to ISO 9000 standards and meet our manufacturing, capacity, supply chain, and quality standards.

Buy America

Buy-America-Compliant-LogoQuester Tangent has multiple suppliers with manufacturing facilities in the U.S. capable of providing American-manufactured subcomponents and materials. The Buy America content they supply enables Quester Tangent to help its customers meet their Buy America requirements.

Quester Tangent has long-established business relationships with Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) and Women Business Enterprises (WBE) to manufacture products. We regularly use these suppliers on our rail projects and are continually enhancing our supply chain to add more manufacturers across the United States.

Long-term support at the heart of our operations

We work hard at building long-term relationships with our suppliers. We proactively manage our supply chain to ensure component availability and lifecycle alignment, mitigating parts obsolescence and securing our ability to stand behind our Total TrainLife Care commitment to ensure the continuous, reliable supply of components over the lifetime of our products. We require our suppliers to retain the documentation, materials, and equipment necessary to supply, repair, and support all purchased components for the entire obsolescence-management period.