Victoria, BC, Canada, April 29, 2013:  Today Quester Tangent announced that it has been awarded a contract to supply 75 train management systems including displays and communications controllers.  The overhaul program awarded by the MBTA to Alstom Transportation calls for deliveries to start in late 2013. The systems are similar to the QT Trainwisetm systems delivered as part of new coach car’s being delivered by Hyundai-Rotem and onboard locomotives being delivered to Boston by Motive Power.

Quester Tangent has been providing train management systems and other electronic solutions for the MBTA commuter fleet since 2010. “We have been working closely with the MBTA in delivering safe, cost effective transportation solutions.” said Stephen McKay, President and CEO of QT.

The overhaul contract was awarded to Alstom in late 2012 is a renovation of 74 double-decker commuter coaches and includes braking, passenger information displays, seating and updated door controls. The QT scope of supply includes train management and control units in addition to a drivers display screen.The first refurbished vehicle is expected to be completed by late 2013, with the rest following at a rate of four cars per month.

At the end of this production QT Trainwisetm products will have been rolled out on more than 150 vehicles of Boston’s 485 cars comprising its commuter fleet.