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Our flexible products and solutions

Are you dealing with a discontinuous supply of train electronics? Partner with Quester Tangent to enjoy responsive customer service and long-term product support.
Is your fleet facing unwanted downtime and compromised reliability? Increase fleet interoperability and enhance revenue service with our Train Control and Monitoring System.
Are you having trouble meeting your riders’ evolving expectations? Provide commuters with a safe, comfortable onboard experience with our complete suite of train passenger information products.
Are you experiencing a lack of compatibility between your new and older fleets? Choose a network integrator with strong experience delivering fully customized train communication network solutions.
Is your operational and maintenance data scattered across all your individual cars? Reach the next level of data management with our FleetWise®, Wayside Monitoring and Diagnostics System.
Is your team under pressure to maintain and repair a multitude of train systems in a timely manner? Reduce your operational costs and expedite maintenance with our portable and bench test equipment.
Do you need a product that is form, fit, and function compatible to replace obsolete equipment? Ensure fleet compatibility while increasing functionality during your retrofit and overhaul projects with our midlife renewal support.

Our promise

We strive to provide fleet operators and transit authorities with lasting peace of mind by delivering products and services founded upon three promises:


Why work with Quester Tangent

20-year service guarantee

We stand behind our products for the train’s service lifecycle. On a pro rata basis, we will cover our product support costs to provide our customers 20 years of service continuity for train electronics delivered into new build, retrofit, and overhaul projects.

Customer focus

Quester Tangent is expert at solving customer problems. We work closely with transit authorities, consultants, and rolling stock manufacturers to define needs clearly, understand each specification, investigate feasibility options, and oversee every project from design to delivery on time and on budget while ensuring customer satisfaction.

Obsolescence management

Quester Tangent maximizes the lifespan of its products and reduces the total cost of ownership. We provide our customers with annual reports to identify End-of-Life (EOL) concerns with our equipment and proactive notifications with a defined timeline and action plan for resolving EOL issues.

One-stop shop

We are an independent company with complete in-house electrical, mechanical, software, and system engineering capabilities, assisted by project management and manufacturing expertise. As your one-stop shop for train electronics, we excel at meeting our contract requirements on time and on budget.

A to Z industry experience

We have more than 20 years of experience in designing modular solutions, building flexible products, providing system and network integration, and engineering services. We produce complete documentation, including product specifications, fault management plan, training materials, and user manuals.

Midlife renewal support

Quester Tangent builds flexible products supported by a long-lasting service guarantee. We can easily support overhaul and retrofit projects by designing and delivering products that adapt to the form, fit, and function needs of our customers’ existing fleet or to meet new and additional requirements.

Quality assurance

We have mature processes, industry-compliant products, and strong business practices backed by top-ranking project and supply chain quality audits. We drive operational expansion from the top down to ensure efficiency and growth. We hone our systems from the bottom up by embracing external and internal audits and feedback to increase customer and employee satisfaction.

Custom services

We apply modern engineering and manufacturing techniques to create new and fully customized products. We use our service-proven designs as the building blocks for future projects in order to meet the requirements for each scope while providing clients with cost-effective solutions and state-of-the-art electronics equipment in a rail-robust package.

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A TMS for bi-level coaches, showcasing a complete train composition overview and real-time operational status over existing trainlines.

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A monitoring system, delivered for a retrofit that enhances operational efficiency and supports superior train-to-wayside communication.

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A comprehensive on-train and WMDS with seamless network integration for improved operations, maintenance, and secure wayside communications.

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