Victoria, BC, Canada, March 15, 2011: Today Quester Tangent has concluded production and delivery of rail sub systems for Hyundai Rotem for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority’s (SEPTA) new Silverliner V Commuter Rail Fleet.

Over the past 48 months, QT developed, designed, manufactured and delivered over 550 sub systems units. These units were all manufactured in QT’s Victoria British Columbia facility and delivered to Hyundai Rotem plants in Changwon-City Korea and in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, USA.

“This marks a major milestone, in what we anticipate will be long relationship with Hyundai Rotem.” Remarked Stephen McKay, Quester Tangent’s President & CEO. “And is the beginning of a partnership with SEPTA that will last for the next 20 plus years”, added McKay.

Through a competitive process QT was awarded a contract with Hyundai Rotem in 2007. Initially the contract included Central Diagnostic Terminals and Fault Display Panels. Based on the quality and reputation of QT, additional components were designed, developed and manufactured for the Silver Liner V. These included Electronic Light Controllers (ELC), Windshield Wiper and Door Controller Power Supplies. All power supplies were designed to be energy efficient, meet stringent low heat operating parameters and have an extremely long operating life.

“These additional products have represented a great opportunity for Quester Tangent to develop new products and bring additional expertise to our service/product offering.” Noted McKay.

The systems designed and developed for this project by Quester provide fast and easy access to sub systems for SEPTA’s Silver Liner V Rail Fleet – critical for vehicle maintenance support, monitoring and diagnostic functions.

Over the next 20 plus years, QT will back all the products installed on the Silver Liner V’s through on going maintenance, warranty support and their 20+ Years Product Support Promise. QT retains intellectual property rights to critical technologies and provides active monitoring of all of end-of-life components ensuring long term service to fleet operators and manufacturers.

Located on the Pacific Northwest of North America near Victoria, B.C. Quester Tangent, an ISO 9001-2008 company, designs, develops and manufactures leading edge vehicle monitoring hardware and software for the global rail transit industry.