Chicago, Il. USA, June 12, 2013:  Today Quester Tangent announced they have been approved as a potential supplier for Diagnostics and Network Systems as well as Event Recorders for the Chicago Transit Authority 7000 Series Vehicle Procurement. QT was brought forward for consideration by Kawasaki Rail Car Inc. “This is an important first step in the process” said Larry Kubek, Manager of Sales and Marketing for QT. “We were successful in achieving this milestone because we have delivered similar equipment in North America, we could demonstrate an understanding of what it takes to manufacture high quality reliable equipment for the rail transit business, and we would customize our products to the unique requirements of CTA”.

The total project, assuming all options are delivered, would see a total of 846 new cars delivered. First production deliveries would be in 2016. Kubek indicated that there are many more stages to the procurement process but that QT is committed to a very strong collaborative relationship with Kawasaki.

Kawasaki Rail Car Inc. is a manufacturer of passenger rail coaches and locomotives. Headquartered in Yonkers NY with production facilities in Yonkers and Lincoln NB, it has serviced US transportation market since 1912.

Quester Tangent is a manufacturer of train and locomotive electronics. Headquartered in the Pacific Northwest it serviced rail car builders and transportation authorities in North America and Asia.