Victoria, BC, Canada, December 15, 2012:  Today Quester Tangent announced that it has been awarded a contract to supply 34 vehicle monitoring units (VMUs) and 46 touch screen displays to Bombardier for the overhaul of the INNOVIA ART 200 rapid transit fleet in Kuala Lumpur.  The INNOVIA ART 200 operates on the transit line that links the western and eastern suburbs with Kuala Lumpur’s downtown core and has been in service since the 1998 Commonwealth Games.

Quester Tangent’s vehicle monitoring systems were components of the original installation.  Since 1998, QT has backed all these systems through ongoing maintenance, warranty support and their 20+ years product support promise.  QT retains intellectual property rights to critical technologies and provides active monitoring of all end-of-life components, ensuring long term service to fleet operators and manufacturers.  “So while we are updating 34 trains, we will still maintain our 1998 systems on the other 34 vehicles for the foreseeable future.” commented Stephen McKay President and CEO.  “This is key to our success. We have proven product and system longevity and support our products and technology for the life of the train,” added McKay.

The major enhancement embodied in the new Quester Tangent VMU is the integration of all vehicle data.  Other new features of the VMU installation are the 46 touch screen displays linked to an expanded SQL database via a high-speed network.  “With the new VMU system the operator will have complete access to train-wide information,” commented Jim Kightley, Quester Tangent’s Senior Project Engineer, who worked on the original project in the late 90’s.  Another key strength is QT’s ability to adapt new leading edge technology to older train fleets.  This is cost effective not only in terms of the capital cost for the client, but in the longer term there will be operational and maintenance efficiencies, which can result in lower operating costs and improved service.  “It is exciting for us to develop new technology that is compatible with the existing train infrastructure – this is great value to the transit operator,” added Kightley.

Production is scheduled to begin at Quester Tangent’s plant later this year with final deliveries set for mid-2014.  Located on the Pacific Northwest of North America near Victoria, B.C. Quester Tangent – an ISO 9001-2008 company – designs, develops and manufactures leading edge vehicle monitoring hardware and software for the global rail transit industry.