VICTORIA, BC, CANADA AUGUST 20, 2009: Following a twenty-four year tenure at the Marine Technology Center on West Saanich Road in Sidney, QT is very happy to announce it has completed the transition to its new headquarters at the Keating Road industrial area of Saanichton BC. The new home on Bryn Road is a modern facility boasting 1,115 sq. metres (12,000 sq. ft.) with a substantial manufacturing floor. “The new floor including two dedicated production lines and 3 production cells will allow us to double our throughput”, said KD Singh, Operations Manager for Manufacturing. The production area also includes a substantial space for engineering prototyping and the three environmental test chambers. Mr. Singh also noted that the full height space will facilitate vertical expansion thus providing an opportunity to again double the number of units manufactured per year. Bill Collins, VP Operations said of the new facility “it marks a milestone in the corporation’s history allowing us to complete the transition from a R&D house to a full service manufacturing enterprise”. Collins noted the new headquarters will provide the requisite infrastructure for substantial growth in delivering products to the rail transit sector.

Quester Tangent is a manufacturer of electronics for the rail and locomotive industry. Quester delivers train management systems, braking control and low voltage power products into the North American and central Asia market. Headquartered in Saanichton BC, Canada Quester Tangent delivers in excess of 1200 units per year.